We Are Standing Up

No to Vaccine Mandates.
No to Vaccine Passports.
No to Forcing Covid-19 Vaccinations on Children.
No to Coerced Vaccinations Without Accepting Risk.
No to Censorship.
No to Limits on Reasonable Debate.

Yes, We Believe in the Power of Natural Immunity.
Yes, We Insist on Informed Consent.
Yes to Doctors and Patients Making Decisions Without Interference.

We are free.

And we will not surrender our freedoms out of fear.
We are Americans and we come from every walk of life.

We link arms, Vaccinated and Unvaccinated
Democrats, Republicans, and Independents
Mothers, Fathers and Grandparents
College Students, Teachers,
Nurses, Doctors, Small business owners
Artists, Tradesmen, and the Retired.

To stop the Covid vaccine mandates.
To say never again to the lockdowns!

We are free people.
No longer taking our freedoms for granted.

The mandated Covid vaccines haven’t worked.
Our civil liberties have not returned.

Mandates are a last resort.
They are not the American way.

This is a pivotal moment in our global history.
The time to act is now!

People around the world are rising up,
To protect freedoms that originated here in America.
It is high time we joined them.

We are brothers and sisters
Of every color, creed, and political stripe.

We are not against the vaccinated.
Many of us are the vaccinated.
We are against forcing vaccinations on Americans.

Enough is enough.
We’re coming home.
In peace we March!

Partners & Sponsors

Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance

Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance

Dedicated to developing highly effective treatments to prevent transmission and improve outcomes for patients.

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Children's Health Defense

Children's Health Defense

Mission: end childhood health epidemics by eliminating harmful exposures, holding those responsible accountable, and establishing safeguards.

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Vaccine Safety Research Foundation

Vaccine Safety Research Foundation

Our mission is to analyze the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines, to create awareness of safety issues and to provide a real-time data-driven resource for scientists, medical professionals, policy makers, journalists, and the public.

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Global Covid Summit

Global Covid Summit

An international alliance of physicians and medical scientists, committed to speaking truth to power about Covid pandemic research and treatment.

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World Council for Health

World Council for Health

Worldwide coalition of health-focused organizations and civil society groups that seek to broaden public health knowledge and sense-making through science and shared wisdom.

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JP Sears

JP Sears

In addition to inspiring laughter in a weird world, JP’s work takes an unapologetic stand for freedom, free speech, and encouraging people to free themselves from fear.

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